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Each comes with a complimentary conversation to connect you to the mythography of your Totem. 

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Winter Wolf’s Totem of Instinct

sterling silver or antique bronze

At the foundation of your ability to navigate life in the simplest of times, and the most difficult, is a sense of what cannot be known. A sense of what can only be felt.

Instinct is your embodied connection to the world, and through it your intuition can move. Are you ready to access your power?


Sterling Silver chain or waxed linen cord
(20 inch maximum length)

$167 Silver with chain
$157 Bronze with chain
$142 Silver with cord
$132 Bronze with cord

(+$8 shipping within US, please message for orders outside of the US)

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Totem of Flow States

Sterling Silver, Purple Sapphire, Yellow Sapphire, sterling silver rope chain.

The State of Flow exists between the layers of inactivity and intense motion.

Within this space is the key to your freedom.


(includes shipping to the US , contact for other areas)

The Ring of Abundance

14k white gold, peridot, brass.
Size 9 (usa)

It’s a simple notion: the natural state of the universe is abundance.
Abundance in our life is a perspective shift away.


(includes shipping to the US, contact for other areas)

4 Locked Door

Full Awareness ~ Deep Purpose ~Simple Strategy ~Aligned Intuition
With these keys, the door is clear. Self aligned with true Self.

Sterling Silver, port Orford cedar, yellow diamond, silver chain.


(includes shipping to the US, contact for other areas)

The Key of the 3 Gates

Sterling Silver, Palm Ivory, Moss Agate, cotton cord.

True communication passes through the 3 gates.

  • First, the Gate of “What I think they said”.
  • Second, the Gate of “What I think they meant”
  • Third, the Gate of “What they actually said”


(includes shipping to the US, contact for other areas)