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Welcome to my virtual Cabin,

I’m Cedric Clitheroe.

Say “Kedrik”.

Yup, that’s me.

I’m deeply fascinated by the human condition, and a number of things I’ve found in my time here.

Optimization of just about anything gets me excited. From the self to projects. Community to mindsets. Structures to mechanism.

There is a beauty in structural and strategic simplicity, and at the same time a power in complex antifragility.

The connections between those two is exciting. Which is my next passion: metaphysics. The synergy and connection between things, systems, people, ideas.

Causality. Choice. Butterfly effect. Dynamic systems.

We live in a universe that naturally develops sustainable, efficient systems if left to equalize.

Human designs driven by this inclination are


I’ve been known to write some pros and read words. Expression through language is such a fascinating form of connection because it simultaneously removes all other forms of expression (such as body language, chemistry, and volume) while providing a rich medium with which we paint pictures in each others’ minds.

There’s something seductive about the notion of transferring a concept that is beyond language from one person to another. I love finding new ways to achieve accuracy and artistry in this process, and enjoy the company of humans that wish to advance their own ability to transmit their passions across the void.

I also simply love to learn.

I love to explore ideas and experiences. My sister calls me her google. I’ve aggregated so much knowledge and identified connections across disciplines that she’d rather have a good conversation than search the net.

Which is, as you can probably tell, perfect for me.

I won’t keep talking about myself for ages. You’ll figure it out as you explore. But for fun, here’s a tag cloud of topics and ideas that I’m deeply passionate about:

Human optimization. BIohacking. Integration of mystical traditions with modern science. Transition Systems. Omni-win dynamics. The color green. Wilderness immersion. Neuroplasticity. Event planning and optimization. Thought synthesizing and organization. Energy field control and projection.

Business dynamics. Totemic mythography. Quantum physics. Efficiency. Spiral Dynamics. Internal and external Awareness. Intuition and flow states. Psychadelics as tools. Aleister Crowley. The feeling you get at night, sun just set, standing hilltop over a city with a good cigar and not a soul around. HP Lovecraft. Binaural beats. Sacred geometry and complex mathematic art.

Metallurgy and alloying. Traditional craft skills. Eco-conscious community dynamics. Permaculture. Shaolin kung fu. Aikido. Medieval combat. Biophilic architecture. Social dynamics and tribal systems. The smell of high desert sage on a sunny winter day. John Dee.

The way that coyotes move through high country terrain. Non-verbal communication with significant others. Thermodynamics. Omnivore nutrition, vegan oriented eating, and ethical ecosystem participation. Gamma dynamics. Delta Waves.

Esoteric mysticism. Neurohacking and nootropics. The sound of thunder storms moving over foothills in high-desert climates. Whim Hoff.

Essentially… I’ve been places, seen things, and made mistakes. But I adapt, flow, and evolve. That is why we’re here after-all, to check out this wild universe and see what we can make of it before we head on.

I’m nomadic, but I home base in San Diego, California with my partner Summer Fae. However my heart still longs for Central Oregon, and this is where I host any intensive work private clients.

I’m a Metaphyst. One who seeks to understand the ways in which all things are connected.

I’m a consultant. Working with amazing people on Self Realization and Project Optimization. Good ol’ get-shit-done.

I’m a Guide. In all ways I explore the fringes, bringing back what I learn for others to use.

I’m a Traveler. An Alchemist. An Explorer. I’m an Influencer, and a Soultracker.
And at the end of the day, I’m a Human Being.

I am the Universe, Being right here.

Take a look around and reach out if you find something that tickles your fancy.

Oh, and if you’re looking for custom Totemic Jewelry…

I spend my time with some of the most interesting and powerful humans alive.

I make art for folks that are changing the world in powerful and heart-driven ways.
I work with clients that inspire me and guide folks that are ready to live.

If you’re looking for someone timid, I’m not the one.
If you want an easy out or someone to do your growth for you, it won’t work.
You might want to play it safe,

But safety is where innovation goes to die.

You are in this world to innovate your self, your feelings, and your soul.
Self deception isn’t going to get you anywhere. And the world is turning every day.

It’s time to align Self with True Self.

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