Ambassadors - Winter Wolf Totemic

Winter Wolf Totemic Ambassadors

Welcome, potential Totemic Ambassador for Cedric Winter Wolf’s Totemic Jewelry.

Glad to have you here!
This is an exciting opportunity for us both, so I’m very keen to get started.
Let’s go over what this is all about and as soon as you’re ready,
fill out the application at the bottom.

What’s in it for YOU?

  • You get to rep the only Totemic Fine Jeweler.
  • Pay, prizes, and rewards.
  • Exclusive behind-the-scenes to what’s coming.
  • Input on future Totems, incentives, and rewards.
  • Cedric’s Winter Wolf swag.

What’s in it for CEDRIC?

  • Expansion and growth of Winter Wolf Jewelry.
  • Connection to new networks, markets, and communities.
  • Increased sales and client flow.
  • Guerrilla and organic marketing (the best kind).
  • More hours doing creative assets.
  • Less hours doing logistical work.
  • Reliable community connected to Winter Wolf
  • Giving back to the folks that support me.

Bottom Line?

This is an opportunity for both of us to get what we want,
And change some lives in the process.

Winter Wolf Totemic Jewelry has been a passion of mine for a decade. But it’s only recently that I took the business side seriously. After 18 months of nearly 16/7/365 put into studying, applying, testing, and tweaking, I’ve found that most traditional business structures don’t work for me, or my clients.

I want to try something new.

So we’re building a Cohort of Ambassadors. A crew of folks that love this work, use the philosophies, and want to be rewarded for being excited. We’re building a little community of kick ass individuals. And we’re getting you cash or swag in the process.

There will be TWO categories for Ambassadors to play with.

It’s pretty simple: You’ll explore your network of people and with attention to how you invite them to get their own totem, you’ll send them to the custom order form or purchase page, whichever applies.

On your end, this will be mostly sharing posts, answering questions in your own voice, and keeping an ear out for anyone that might be a good client. The goal isn’t to invite everyone until they’re going insane. The goal is to get good possible clients to either buy a PRIME totem or schedule a Totemic Consult.

We’ll have a secret facebook group for the Ambassadors (Winter Wolf Cohort) where you’ll be able to share things that work with other Ambassadors, network, and celebrate.

I’ll also be sharing videos and content in there to talk about the ethos and mindset behind the work, as well as my sales philosophy, so that we’re all on the same page. This content will be useful for your own projects, allowing you to see how I think about sales and get a better picture for your own job, business, and adventures.

PRIME/Stock Item Sales

  • % will be given based on actual Sales of PRIME totems.
  • These will be limited-time runs, and available at specific times.

Your percentage:

  • 20% on TOTAL (about 30% on profit)

CUSTOM Referrals

  • %s will be given based on successful referrals.
  • This is available year round

Your percentage:

  • 15% on TOTAL (about 30% on profit)

Ready, Player One?

If this sounds like something you want to get into for the Totems, cash, or support of your’s truly,
fill out the application below.

Any questions can be sent to
Excited to connect with you and see what we can achieve together!

Note: This is not a pass-fail application. But based on the results I’ll know better how well you know Cedric Winter Wolf and the work that I do, and can then decide if you’re a good fit, need to study a bit, or if we just need a ten minute call to clear something up.

Note: This is not a job application. Be real with me. I am looking for Brand Ambassadors and Allies, not minions.