Cedric - Winter Wolf Totemic

Cedric ‘Winter Wolf’ Clitheroe

I make my way through the world one step at a time.

I’m an explorer before anything else; I can’t help but look for the edges, fringes, and uncharted spaces. If it’s innovative, on the edge, or world-changing, I’m in, and all of that exploration goes into my work.

These Totems are the physical manifestation of concepts and powerful ideas that inspire me.  Particularly the notions that have improved my life for the better.

Put into something you can hold.

As for me? I’m easy to keep track of but impossible to find. This is the way of being the fringe Guide that I am. Always sharing, Never staying put.

I’m an old-world archetype. In another life I would have been a royal jeweler, wilderness ranger, deep space scout, or apocalypse wasteland wanderer.

I love the power of mythology, stories, and words in creating the exact reality we desire.

I’ll bring courageous honesty, creative problem solving, and old-soul clarity to your jewelry.

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