Evidence - Winter Wolf Totemic

I appreciate that, after 10 years of not seeing you, that you are just as you and just as amazing as I remember. I appreciate that you spent the time to help me set up my business for no reason other than the kindness of your heart. I appreciate your humor and your generosity. I appreciate you and everything you are, so so much.

Sabrina LaGood-Robinson

Owner, Café Ponté

I love the expansiveness and nourishing vibe you emanate, it’s like anyone is blessed right down to their very core just being in your presence. Plus, the universe thinks you’re awesome just because you exist!


[I love] your willingness to try, make mistakes and learn. Your bravery to just DO it. Your tremendous heart to try and succeed. Your honor and your kindness.


Cedric’s perspective and insight easily draws you back to your own nature. Talking through my “stuff” with him made me focus back to the roots of what’s important to me. I was amazed at how quick and natural working through things with Cedric went.


You have integrity. That’s all it take for me:-)


I appreciate your passion for grabbing the world by the balls and making it your bitch in all the right ways. Ways that fulfill you. Ways that better yourself and the world around you.


I love you’re kindness and understanding. You’re willingness to help and how friendly you are. You make me miss you every day.


Your independence. I’ve never known you to do or say anything you did not genuinely feel or believe. You’ve always inspired me with your ability to follow your own path, even when you had no idea where the road was taking you; be it your career, your spirituality, your family, etc etc.


You’re intelligent, crafty, woodsy ranger ways have and will always inspire and challenge me to walk my own path.


[I appreciate] your honesty…So few people set aside the white lie and speak truth. No fear, and if fear, moving past it. Speaking truth.


How could one tell light it is appreciated?

Kelly P

I’m more than a bit envious of your will to trek about, focus on your inner journey, and more or less fail to participate in this charade. I miss you [when you’re gone], you Modern-Day Mystic.


I appreciate how you’ve grown, learned, built your life, and continued to become such an amazing person. Very happy to call you a friend. Good thoughts towards you always.


You make me want to reconnect with the part of me that “knows” how to survive out in the wilderness. As if I could throw on a backpack and just go. I get that just from being in your presence and it makes me know that I can (somehow).

I personally have VERY limited knowledge of how to do this, but I feel like it is my birthright because I was born into this world on purpose — so I’m supposed to be able to survive and thrive here.

You don’t have to teach me how to have confidence…I somehow “know” I have confidence when I talk to you.

You re-connect me to the Truth about myself.