Testimonials - Winter Wolf Totemic

Shout out to Cedric. look at this PIECE.
This is a key that I wear close to my heart. Cedric made this key. if you want some bad-ass custom fucking hyper spiritual alpha hippie jewelry, hit up my man Cedric.

This shit is electric man, you know how many things are happening in my life?

LOTS… Yes, Spiritual Bling.

Jesse Elder

Action Philosopher

It’s stunning. It’s beautiful. It’s beyond powerful. It’s everything I ever wanted and nothing I knew I needed. Because let’s be real, how often do we really know what we need? But this man knew. He knew what I needed and then he built it. He crafted what I needed into a piece of jewelry as if he was casting my soul into something I could wear on my body. It’s one thing to know what you can do…it’s another thing entirely to wear your power on your body. It takes an incredibly special human to do that translation and craftsmanship. I’m so grateful I found one. Cedric – Soultracker, Metaphyst, – Winter Wolf- I honor your gifts.

Thank you for being my guide.

Lani C

Universal Translator

Received a very special package today from Cedric. My cartography pendant.

Now interestingly, I popped it on and woah. Awesomeness. Feels like a piece of me and honestly forgot it was there within the hour.

Been busy doing things and just sat down a moment ago….as I reflected on the last few hours, I realised I had just built a brand new website for myself. I had intended to repurpose the old one and then thought nope, not the right energy there anymore. Let’s simplify!

Within 2 hours the website was completed, perfect and I’m sitting here with a cuppa. I hadn’t even intended on doing it today bit suddenly felt the urge to focus and act.

Excellent! Clearly the perfect tool for me, C!

Nici G

Coach and Healer, Dare To Be

Cedric’s perspective and insight easily draws you back to your own nature.

Talking through my “stuff” with him made me focus back to the roots of what’s important to me. I was amazed at how quick and natural working through things with Cedric went.

Stu Snyder

Digital Nomad and Yoga Teacher, Digital Nomad Path

The MetaRelic you made for me, The Ring of Creative Power, is in constant use, consciously or unconsciously.
I still wear it on a regular basis, because it reminds me of the intention I assigned to it in the ritual we designed together, to strengthen and cultivate my own creative power. I don’t think the ring would have half as much power without the ritual.
This was one of the most powerful experiences I’ve ever had. The beautifully crafted ring itself is a gem.

Lars Carl Schmid

Keys To Creativity

I need to reach out to you personally.

My totem came yesterday and I took it out of the box and it was stunning. I did not put it on. I have been struggling with depression for some time now and today I could not even bring myself to get dressed or off the couch despite all of the tools that I have within. I watched your video and took it out of the box again. I put it on and it was as if a veil was lifted. Sitting here in awe with tears in my eyes. So blessed. You are an amazing soul! Thank you so much for your insight and talents and for making this affordable! You have much to give and I thank the universe and extend appreciation that our paths have crossed. I have found a community that raises my energy and my game.

Everything is aligning!

Grady N


I LOVE IT!!!!!!!!!!!!!
It’s beautiful!!!

I just like the feminine With the masculine. And colors that entail me and my babies. And the swirly shapes that tie into the middle.

You are truly talented and your passion shows in how you create each beautiful piece.

Rachelle B

Been thinking a little now that I have a totem.

I hear “guardian of a totem”, and just thinking what that means. At first I was thinking how the totem can serve me with it’s qualities but I tend to think of all things alive in some way.

So I have some relationship with it, or the “guardian” part, I have something to help and protect its life.

Garth O

Hey you!

I received my beauty today! I love it so much! I feel the connection. This is me! Total connection with me and who I am and where I‘m going and utilizing strategy to get there. Thank you so much for your beautiful work. I‘m so new to the physical representations of my thoughts feelings and emotions, being, however I‘ve felt them all along!

Thank you again, beautiful!

Cheryl C


I just want to be a better person.

More aware of what others are thinking and to act with their best interest in mind.

My Totem reminds me of who I want to be. It gives me the energy to really take care and notice the people around me. Everything is connected.

I really feel that.

Cecilia C

The little key to big things- is it ever!

When I wear my totem I feel (almost) as empowered and encouraged to tackle my white board goals as I do when Cedric is brain storming them with me!

It’s raw Opal (also my birthstone) makes it extra magic-making!

Kelly P

In addition to my Key of Action being a beautiful and powerful piece, while wearing my key, I’ve noticed my increased ability to make decisions swiftly and to commit to things that are truly meaningful.

More energy and focus and action taking are 3 things I noticed immediately!

Jen J

I love it so much, really she’s perfect… Better than I imagined…

Here I am
Powerful and creative
Creating and loving
Loving and free

And the letter is exactly what I have always imagined about Source, Love, Life and Creation – and you’ve managed to put it into words. Words that resonate.

Thank you!

Baljit K